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We Want YOU as an Intern

Dear Future Intern, It’s almost finals week and the fall 2013 semester is coming to a close. Florida Gulf Coast University and other local schools are starting their internship process for the spring 2014 semester. Your mission to find the perfect internship which has brought you to the Venture X blog. Brett Diamond (Cofounder) will be conducting interviews soon so don’t forget to email your resume. This blog post is for you because you could be sitting in this chair soon. In case you haven’t read my introduction, I am a marketing major at Florida Gulf Coast University. I know it can be hard to find the right internship to get the best experience at. Venture X is revolutionarily designed private offices and work spaces for today’s small businesses. The small businesses at Venture X range from lawyers, real estate brokers, technology companies, and even a DJ. With such a diverse community and Venture X’s collaborative work environment, it is such a great way for management or marketing interns to get a diverse experience. From fun networking or college events to holiday parties, there is always something exciting going on at Venture X. Some of my experiences at Venture X entailed correlating member interactions into the Venture X social media, researching competition, and working Venture X’s first anniversary party. Prior to interning, I had never used MailChip or posted on Craigslist-I had never put together a press release. I will come away from this internship with a lot of skills that I couldn’t have learned in the classroom. As Venture X’s next intern, you will work around some of the most innovative and brightest people in the Naples, Florida area. Good luck with all your future endeavors. Brittany McDaniel

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