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How will offices change post-COVID?

Offices in the post-COVID era will be in flux for a while. As businesses reopen completely, expect more hybrid schedules, as some workers will remain remote, and some will return to more spacious office environments with fewer people working at one time than before the pandemic. Some employers will likely opt for previously remote employees to come into the office on some days, working from home on some days, and working some days in flexible office spaces.

For businesses who want workers to remain remote or work hybrid schedules, coworking spaces offer a way for businesses to cut overheads and allow more space for fewer employees at one time as continuing social distancing for employees who have not been vaccinated remains in place for a while. Traditional offices can take advantage of flexible office spaces for remote workers who need a professional office environment without the long commute into central office spaces, as they did before the pandemic. Businesses can join flexible office spaces, such as Venture X, so groups can meet in person to work on projects that cannot happen organically, via videoconferencing.

Many businesses, looking to downsize, may move into smaller spaces to save money or may venture into the shared office space model at the Enterprise level. Anchoring flexible office spaces can afford larger businesses the opportunity to work in their own spaces and enjoy the energy and interaction of a shared office space community. At a time when the pandemic caused some businesses to close their doors completely, businesses can find commercial properties at great rates. Some businesses, during their restructuring phases, may work out of coworking spaces, to save money on lengthy commercial leases and overhead that comes with traditional office spaces. Shared office spaces will offer businesses and individuals more flexibility than ever before as we continue to recover from the pandemic.

If your business is considering a coworking space as a viable office space solution in a post-COVID world, we invite you to take a virtual tour of Venture X spaces to get a feel for how our membership plans can work for you.

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