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Working from Home Challenges and a Solution

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Blog

2020 has called for a reckoning of sorts in many areas of our day-to-day lives. As the country shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found that they had to work from home. With employees mastering the art of Zoom meetings, employers saw a way to reduce overhead costs and maintain the safety of work environments by allowing employees to continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. There were understandable glitches in the beginning, as America’s workforce got accustomed to pets and kids walking through meetings and other amusing accidents that were apt to happen when a camera is rolling.  


Now, many Americans are ready to return to a space that is dedicated to working, instead of the multi-use work environment of their home office. A certain COVID-19 weariness has taken over many aspects of working from home, causing boundaries to collapse into chaos. While working from home can positively impact workers and companies in terms of economic recovery from the pandemic, continuing to work from home can cause some workers psychological and emotional setbacks, as well as a profound feeling of isolation. At Venture X, we realize that some workers may need more work/life balance and need to work at a dedicated workspace. 

Turnkey office space

Working at a flexible, shared office space, such as Venture X offers small- and medium-sized business owners the opportunity to get right to work with everything they need for the day, including high-speed Internet, business-class equipment (i.e., copiers, scanners, and printers) plus all of the coffee, tea and filtered water you need for your day. The real plus lies in the fact that you can focus on work without getting distracted by the endless interruptions that are inevitable while working from home.

Professional business address 

For business owners and freelancers, a professional business address in an upscale area gives the business a boost, enhancing your brand’s footprint with a prestigious address that can be used on company stationery, business cards, and other collateral materials. Those businesses that don’t necessarily need an office to work from every day can take advantage of Venture X’s Virtual Office plan for the professional address, along with mail and package handling services. 

Community connections

When people started telecommuting, a sense of freedom prevailed. Fast forward to the mid-2000s and remote workers suffering from the isolation, that working from home can foster, felt they needed to reconnect to their local business communities to stay in the loop for local business networking. Business growth opportunities are built-in to the design of shared, flexible office spaces that originally operated as coworking spaces with tons of social and business interactions creating spaces that inspired and motivated business owners during the workday. While these spaces will look different as we keep our new safety precautions in place, Venture X members will still be able to network virtually or in small groups in our various sized meeting rooms or community spaces. Staying connected to your local business community in this time of forced isolation can keep your business growing, as the economy recovers. 


Joining a shared office space, in your local community, such as Venture X allows your company to take advantage of the flexible monthly contracts. Whether scaling up as your business expands, holding steady during uncertain times, or scaling down to meet changing demands, flex office spaces adjust to your company’s needs at the moment. 


For many small- and medium-sized businesses, the options are slim for renting commercial office space, particularly in these uncertain times. Additionally, commercial office leases in respectable neighborhoods remain far out of reach for most small and medium-sized businesses. Joining a flexible, shared desk space also saves you from the overhead of maintaining a commercial lease commitment, even when your business is going through changes and you really would prefer to downsize to benefit your bottom line. 

Alternative to traditional office spaces

Some large companies, who aren’t ready to open their facilities due to the continuing pandemic, can rent space or private offices in some coworking spaces, such as Venture X as a go-between for working at the office and working from home. Some larger companies are taking this time to allow their employees to work from a flex, shared office space as a means to keep their talent from imploding from working at home for extended periods. The socially-distanced chemistry and camaraderie enjoyed at spaces such a Venture X help maintain a productive and motivated attitude towards work, producing the elements needed to creatively benefit company initiatives. 

Schedules that work with yours

Focusing on work while at home is many times dictated by whatever else is going on at that time in your home. When you can get to your work, it may be a time when you can’t comfortably speak or meet with your team members, due to differing schedules and such. Shared, flexible spaces with 24-hour access, such as are available at Venture X, let you work when it is convenient for you. 

The bottom line

Yes, you can save more money working from home or a coffee shop but evidence has shown that working in coworking spaces, or shared office spaces, increases productivity and makes business owners happier than juggling other family members’ schedules and the endless interruptions that are inevitable when you work from home or in a coffee shop. When you like where you work, you can focus on your business while at work and on your family and other interests when your workday is done.

Venture X locations offer excellent solutions for businesses and individuals that can’t work from the office and need to work from outside of their homes. Take a virtual tour or call us to schedule an in-person tour!

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